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Adjusting the Altitude of a Chevrolet Automobile

Any person who owns a Chevrolet Car they certainly want their car to look good and perform efficiently as well. Therefore a vehicular part which not only plays a part in the appeal of the vehicle but also its performance is the suspension. Thus, here we mention the difference between adjustable coil-over suspensions and stationary coil-over suspensions, along with the traits of each of them.

For the car owners who do not actually understand the efficient performance of the suspension. If a Chevrolet vehicle turns better it means that its suspension is performing appropriately and ideally. In fact good suspensions also cause a vehicle to launch faster and so the vehicles run faster as well. Therefore Parts which can be used to increase and enhance the performance of the suspension of a Chevrolet automobile include the shocks and springs.

The center of gravity of a Chevrolet vehicle would also be lowered if the stance of the car was brought down as well. Thus such lower vehicles could be turned ideally even at really high speeds. In fact if a Chevrolet vehicle has a lower stance with a low center of gravity, the car would be able to rapidly take sharp turns without flipping over.

Such a performance upgrade can be conveniently made on a Chevrolet Car in two different ways using two very different lowering springs. It all in fact depends upon the preference of the driver. To merely lower down the height of a Chevrolet car coil springs can used instead of the original factory springs. On the other hand, if the driver prefers that the height of the vehicle remains adjustable then Adjustable Coil-overs can be utilized.

When it comes to the basic spring set up there are again two different types. The general variety of spring set ups is actually getting rather out of fashion and was present in older vehicles. In this spring set up, the shock is mounted on the same axle as the spring but at a different location. To use this kind of a spring set up it is advisable to use lowering springs which are equally effective to improve the performance of a Chevrolet automobile even if they might not be adjustable. These springs are often even referred to as stationary springs.

As for the more modern Chevrolet vehicles it is rather optimal coil over shocks, where the spring is mounted over the shock which is where they get their name from. The coil spring mounting block of these shocks can be physically screwed upwards or downwards the shock to adjust the height of the vehicle.

Along with increasing or reducing the height of a Chevrolet automobile according to the driver’s preference with these adjustable springs, the height can even be adjusted according to conditions of the track or the weather. Thus, these springs are both an addition to improve their performance of the vehicle but with a lowered stance a car can even appear quite stylish and stunning too. So, these shocks are quite ideal for modern Chevrolet vehicles.

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