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Amazing Storage Options and Sophisticated Features of Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala is the trademark of good design and innovation. The superior quality material and high technology is combined to make this breathtaking automobile. The interior has sophisticated environment and latest techniques are introduced to give a supreme finish. The lavish Chevrolet Impala is reinterpretation of sedan. The sophistication of this automobile is expensive and complete care includes oil filter changes, 27 point inspection vehicle, tire rotation 4-wheel and oil.

It is outstanding in design to provide constant drive and striking experience on the road. Use of grille chrome power dome hood, LED for day time and projector beam headlamp are included in its distinctive features. It is convergence of functions and form. This new model has elegant lines which are valuable for its iconic name plate. Just like interior, the exterior is provided by smooth and stunning drive at aerodynamic quality. Fuel efficiency, 4-cylinder V6 engine and variable valve timing have enhanced its value. The basics of Impala automobile include 305 horsepower as well as the direct fuel closer chamber. The refined power of engine contributes to strong and comfortable rides.

Wonderful Handling and Riding:

The grounded stance and body structure helps the engineer to present an extraordinary connected to the highway experience. Tight steering radius variable options for improving the power assistance level while low speed tactic give skillful command over turns and city streets. The rear vision camera provides rear view for the viewers. You can check the stationary objects while traveling, reversing or moving your Car. The presence of alert concerning cross traffic gives a signal for oncoming traffic.

The interior of 2014 Chevrolet Impala is completely changed and the inner view provides a comfortable and exhaust-free ride. Dual cockpit, visual accents like soft ice blue light ambient can easily ignite the senses. Interior designer have considered each and every inch of this model perfect for innovative storage options. Storage in the door panels, arm rest, umbrella storage, integrated cup holders, console foam storage are some of the ground-breaking features. Items can be placed out if sight but within reach of driver. The space at the back of color touch screen radio and under floor storeroom can surprise the passengers. One more convenient feature is power driver seat steering wheel adjustable and exterior refined mirror.

Technology for Entertainment:

Now the driving experience can be customized with the use of color touch screen 8-inch and different Impala features. The hidden storage with USB port helps to keep your wallet and phone or other items. There are latest lock systems for the security of valuable things. The Chevrolet Impala can work with Smart phone and wireless technology to provide entertainment. There are commercial free online radio programs, Bluetooth preferred music options and other favorite features.

Now, there is no need to put the key in your pocket because Chevrolet Impala gives key less access. The door can be unlocked just by pressing the sensor. It is amazing that engine can be started with the button if the fob is placed in the car. 

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