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Chevrolet Has Introduced Several Models That Are Fuel Efficient For The Car Buyers

People always try to find fuel efficient cars when they go out to find a new and decent vehicle. The main point is that rates of fuel have witnessed a constant improvement in the last ten years and today car purchasers give a lot of consideration to fuel efficiency and seek economical options. 

Keeping in consideration the modern demands Chevrolet has introduced different models for satisfying the requirements of purchasers related with fuel efficiency. The vehicles, which they have introduced, can reach 30 MPG that give positive outcome on the costs associated with fuel. The noted models who are highly fuel efficient and deserve your consideration are
Sonic, Cruze and Malibu. Every vehicle possesses different appearance, design and comes with its own different qualities. 

Cruze Eco was introduced in the year 2012 by Chevrolet and it holds the status of being a car with high degree of fuel efficiency in its class. Considering the modern standards still this one is successful in giving a strong competition to different vehicles of its division. Cruze gives you the feeling of Sedan, but it is efficient like a small and solid car. The makers have given this car 1.4 liter engine that is turbocharged, which gives driver 138 horsepower via the 4 cylinders, which are present.

Also, the cars possess 6 speed manual transmission which allots the drivers twenty eight Miles per Gallon via city and approximately forty two Miles per Gallon on highways. The most interesting and appreciating point to highlight is that this car is not only regarded as a fuel efficient option in fact it’s also very safe when it gets on the road. Once you are inside this magnificent car the satisfaction will be with you that 10 airbags are there for providing you protection. In fact it’s more spacious than Honda Civic as well as Toyota Corolla. In addition to this Chevy Cruze has obtained title of ‘Best Compact Car for the Money’ by the News and World Report of United States.

Chevy Sonic is as much fuel efficient as Chevy Cruze, but it comes with the advantage of low price. Sonic can be regarded as an improved replacement for Aveo and interesting point is that it comes in the form of hatchback and sports car styles. The engine of Sonic as well as Cruze is similar. Interesting point to highlight is that the design of Sonic has taken influence from motorcycle. Prominent difference between motorcycle and Sonic is that latter has more capacity for cargo and passengers.

Dependable and award winner Chevrolet Malibu provides styles as well as features. It’s the winner of “Best Buy” award by Consumers Digest. It is not as better as Cruze or Sonic, but Malibu provides drivers stylish as well as loaded inside.

One has to agree that Chevrolet is doing a great job by introducing cars that have great fuel efficiency this means that purchasers who are seeking affordable options can fulfill all their wishes by purchasing any one of their fuel efficient cars.

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