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Effective Fuel Saving Tips provided by Chevrolet

These are the effective fuel saving tips that are suggested by Chevrolet Dealers Houston

  • According to United States EPA an engine that has been tuned in the right manner is capable of improving the economy of fuel to 4 %. By addressing severe problems like defective sensor of oxygen improvement up to 40 % in mileage can be obtained.

  • Tires that are convincingly filled with air can bring 3.3 % improvement in the mileage of gas not only this tires are also secure and live longer lives. Tires that don’t have sufficient air have the potential of lowering the economy of fuel. You should not totally depend upon TPMS for detecting tires that have not been filled completely with air. The right approach is to inspect tires using gauges every month.

  • According to Environmental Protection Agency unnecessary luggage forces the vehicles to work hard and they consume large quantities of gas. Superfluous one hundred pounds bring a reduction of two percent in the economy of fuel and this also implies for vehicles that are not very large. A large amount of gas is used for fighting the resistance that is posed by air means that when cargo is present at the top of vehicles reduction in the economy of fuel takes place.

  • The gas mileage normally is decreased when velocity of more than sixty meter per hour is reached this is the opinion of Environmental Protection Agency. Every five meter per hour over sixty meter per hour is similar to making an addition of twenty four cents for each gas gallon. Keep in mind that every car has its own level of optimum economy of fuel.

  • Cars  receive zero miles per gallon when their engines are idling. So it’s is strongly recommended that idling should be avoided.

  • Going to high speeds, brisk acceleration as well as braking is capable of lowering the mileage of gas by 33% on highways and five percent in city drives.

  • It’s recommended that you should use overdrive gears on highways as this will reduce speed of engine saving fuel as well as engine.

  • Use of air conditioners brings ten percent reduction in the efficiency of fuel. Avoiding use of air conditioning especially at speeds that are less than forty meter per hour is recommended.

  • Cars, which are old and don’t have latest technology have to suffer as 14 % of the economy of their fuel is lost and for this the credit goes to air filter that is blocked because of dirt and this also brings damage to the engine. So replace a dirty air filter as this will bring an improvement in the acceleration related capacity of modern cars.

  • Oil plays a prominent role in the reduction of friction so it should always be of good quality. You should use the oil, which is recommended by manufacturer.

  • Planning is very important and you should chalk out plans, which can save you from heavy traffic.

  • Check the gas caps as improperly fitted ones can stimulate warning and also estimates show that on yearly basis these emit 147 million gasoline gallons into the environment. 

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