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Five Remarkable Generations of Chevrolet Camaro

The chevrolet camaro is vehicle, manufactured by the company General Motors. It is categorized as pony car but there are some models which are known as muscle car. In 1966, the first car was designed and appeared as a model car. The concept of Camaro is the result of South Korean Sangyup Lee’s efforts. It is an awesome and unbeatable car. The awe-inspiring automobile has five basic generations. Each and every generation brought a vivid change in the outlook, technology and features. Here is the brief description of these five generations:

First Generation of Camaro:

The first generation of chevrolet camaro (1967 to 1969) was appeared on the screen as a model car. Basically it was a 2 door car. The car had V 8 power plants. Administers of Camaro realized that the sporty car could not generate enough sale because of rear engine design, therefore they introduced conventional rear drive, configuration of front engine just like Mustang. This car was manufactured to fit a diversity of power plants in its engine bay.

Second Generation of Camaro:

The second generation (1970 to 1981) was released with various cosmetic changes in the model. This car was changed in style, bigger in size and wider to give more luxurious drive. Just like its forerunner, the new model had F-body platform.

Third Generation of Camaro:

Third generation of chevrolet camaro (1982 to 1992) was not only elegant in style but also improved in features. The fuel injection was introduced in this car. Additionally automatic transmission 4 speed, manual transmission 5 speed, wheels with 15 or 16 inch diameter and cylinder engine OHV 4 were remarkable characteristics. The car was up to 500 pounds lighter in weight than the model car of 2nd generation.

Fourth Generation of Camaro:

The 4th generation (1993 to 2003) was constructed with an improved F-body platform. This car had same in features which were introduced in 1st generation. Coupe style 2 plus 2 style sitting arrangement, T-top roof, rear wheel drive, V8 engine and 6-cylinder pushrod were its distinguished traits. The additional equipment in this 4th generation was T-56 manual transmission, automatic transmission 4-speed and Anti lock gate.

Fifth Generation of Camaro:

Fifth generation was started in 2010 and still it is introducing new models for the satisfaction of customers. This is manufactured on the concept of 2006 Camaro style and convertible concept of 2007. Basically, it is Canadian designed sports and muscles car. In 2010, Camaro was given the title of “world car of the year”. In 2011, the manufacturing of convertible was introduced. The chevrolet camaro 2014 model has notable features. The front end carries improved grille, latest fog lights and large sized lower fascia. The use of stylish taillights for rear end, front and rear end LED headlights offers comfortable night drive. Aerodynamic SS package, steering wheels flat-bottomed, Recaro standard seats, V8 LS7 engine, exhaust system dual mode, wheels with 19 inch diameter, removal of kit for tire inflation and sound deadener, LN3 battery and rear window3.2mm thin glass have excited the Chevrolet lovers to purchase new model.

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