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Flush Out Engine Failure

Want to avoid getting stranded by an overheated engine? Take a few minutes to perform a few quick cooling system maintenance activities.

Cooling system failure is a leading cause of engine-related breakdowns; however, a simple cooling system flush and fill or top-off can drastically minimize your risk. The task is especially important to perform before the cold weather months hit.

A flush and fill is crucial for your engine because it removes the dirt, dust and sediment that may damage the water pump and clog the engine water jacket and radiator. It takes just minutes to drain, flush and refill the cooling system, and the task can avoid unnecessary headaches in the long run.

"Proper preparation for cold weather ensures that you do not end up in a dangerous situation down the road," said Richard Courtney, director of Prestone Products Research & Development and Technical Services.

Prestone manufactures a formula of antifreeze/coolant that can be used in all makes and models of cars and light trucks and mixes with any color antifreeze/coolant. The universal formula, Prestone Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant, eliminates confusion by taking the guesswork out of choosing the right product for your vehicle's cooling system.

For drivers who have recently filled their antifreeze reservoirs, the only necessary task to prep your cooling system for cold weather may be a quick top-off. Motorists looking for the easiest top-off method can benefit from the Prestone 50/50 Pre-diluted Extended Life Antifreeze/ Coolant, which can be poured directly into the cooling system for protection in between your regularly scheduled flush and fills.

The Prestone team also recommends that all drivers consult their vehicle owner's manual and follow the manufacturer's recommendations on the proper maintenance procedures and changeover intervals for their vehicle.

"Keeping your cooling system in top condition is vital for both your own personal safety and for the health of your engine," Courtney said. "New antifreeze/coolant will add fresh life to your engine and helps keep you on the road."

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