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Get Your ATV in Top Shape for Spring

Spring is just around the corner. You know how it is: One minute you're adding antifreeze, and the next you're wiping spots of sap off the car hood.

After being cooped up all winter, the temptation to hit the road- or go off-road - with the first breath of a warm breeze is overwhelming.

Before you take off on a whim, however, think for a moment about your all-terrain vehicle. How is the tire pressure and coolant level? Is the vehicle clean?

Polaris, a leading manufacturer of ATVs, offers the following tips to get your vehicle in top shape before hitting the trails:

* Be sure to do a "walk-around" of your unit, checking air filter, coolant level, battery, tire pressure, operation of lights, tire pressure and operation of throttle and brakes. Also, check and drain fuel.

* Clean the vehicle and inspect for damage. Be sure fasteners are tight.

* After any storage period an ATV should have a complete tuneup. Call your local dealer early to beat the spring rush.

* To prevent damage to springs and blown seals caused by mud, dirt and trail debris, install shock covers. If already installed, check to make sure they are still offering full protection. If they are not, replace them.

* Don't forget to check your protective gear - helmet, eye gear, boots, gloves and apparel- to ensure it will offer ultimate protection.

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