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Planning to Buy 2017 Chevrolet Malibu in Houston? Check Out The Reviews of Chevy Malibu

2017 Chevrolet Malibu is one among the best version of its predecessor. The all-new Chevrolet Malibu with its hybrid model, superior fuel economy, spacious interior and brisk acceleration is all set to rule the road.

Chevrolet Malibu has four main trim levels which are L, LS, LT and Premier. The Hybrid model stands out from among these levels. By replacing the Eight-speed automatic transmission with the nine-speed automatic the all-new Malibu has discontinued the old 2LT trim.

It is much better than its predecessor when compared to the driving experience, comfort levels, interior designs, usefulness, and technology. So, just take a look at the Chevy Malibu reviews:

Convenient Driving

Compared to the predecessor version the all-new Malibu is comfortable for a big family. All the requirements of the users are taken into consideration and a very well upgraded cockpit is designed for the driver. With the smooth acceleration provided by Chevrolet Malibu, one can climb hills without any difficulty. 

Smooth acceleration gives an advantage of fast driving and fast driving means speed. Speed can cost your life if not taken care of while driving. So, Chevrolet has designed a hybrid braking which is a big relief to all the drivers who like speed. This gives a good control over panic situations. The steering gives a consistent and appropriate turning though at the start it is a bit rubbery.

Malibu offers the best drivability and with its nine-speed automatic transmission the handling becomes easier and one comes across a fun to drive experience.

With the comfortable seat, air-conditioning, calm and composed environment the driver and the passengers won’t even come to know about the rough roads or uneasiness while driving. 

Couch Convenient Seat

The tried and tested comfort levels for different aged passengers give a wide idea on where the adults or small kids should be seated. In this way, it was found that the adults get comfortable on the rear outboard seat and the small aged passengers or kids(here) get comfortable on the center seat.

Convenient Riding

Malibu gives an excellent driving experience to its driver and passengers. The engine and wind noise are very well muted so that there is no disruption while driving. The driving is comfortable even under uneven and fluctuating pavements. With all these redefined changes Malibu gives a very pleasant driving experience.

Balanced Environmental Condition

The air conditioning of Malibu brings the climatic conditions under control for its passengers. So, even if it is very hot outside the car, you can adjust the whether inside and experience a very cool environment. This kind of experience will force you to stay inside the car for long hours.

Well Drafted Interior

The interior is drafty and modernized. The sequentially designed control layouts make the control buttons and screens user accessible. The Mylink screen is adjusted in a manner that with its harsh reflection and fingerprint smudges it becomes easy to see and reach. Getting in and out gets easier for the front passengers with its large opening and relatively tall ride height.

User-Friendly Driving

The driving becomes easier with the help of eight-way power adjustability. Even for tall drivers, it is very comfortable due to far enough down and back seat motors. The all new telescopic range steering wheel and the pedals are so conveniently placed that it is very easily accessible.


The storage space of Malibu is very good. If you have enough stuff to carry whether it is big or small you can carry it in the family Sedan. The small item storage, Cargo space and child safety seat accommodation gives the user all the facilities to carry their requirements uncluttered in an very convenient manner. 

Tech Support

The 7 and 8-inch MyLink screen is quicker and user-friendly with its large virtual buttons and general system layout.

* You can integrate your smartphone with any of the four USB ports, auxiliary jack, Bluetooth and audio jack, this will, in turn, give a smart Malibu car experience. 

* Apple Carplay or Android Auto are the best voice controls available for the users to push and hold a button to get Siri or Google Voice that are much better than natural voice.

* A wide range of high-tech drivers aid is available for the driver’s safety.

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