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Review of Chevrolet Enjoy LTZ

Chevrolet LTZ  is a vehicle, which needs a lot of improvement. In this section I will highlight some major drawbacks, which were found in this car.

  • Let’s start with the cap of fuel tank it doesn’t closes in the proper manner and this is something, which raises security issues and especially on Diwali things can get very complicated.

  • The flap of the central Air Conditioning console doesn’t opens in the right manner as both of the flaps should open together but the association is damaged so you will have to open each one of them individually.

  • Smaller box in the centralized dashboards comes out after repeated trials of closing it.

  • The positioning of airbags is not appropriate like in the presence of airbags bashborads must possess inclines, which prevents others from keeping things, but no such facility is there in the design of this vehicle.

  • Cheaper light emitting diodes have been used.

  • The driving seat’s controlling options are also not appropriate.

  • Seats of the second row don’t fold properly also seats can’t be tilted for the creation of space.

  • The bucket seats of the second row come with arm rests, but this is not practical as they are thinner and don’t provide a comfortable experience.

  • The pockets of door are not even capable of holding a small bottle properly.

Characteristics of the Chevy Enjoy LTZ

The vehicle comes with following

  • two airbags

  • wheels made of alloy

  • power window

  • bucket seat along with armrest

  • fog lamps

  • 2nd row Air-conditioner opening

  • adjusting options for drive heights

  • no indicators for back view mirror

  • no controlling options for climate

  • telescopic adjustments are also not there

The good things

Central security comes with immediacy sensor means that if you will move away from the car and it’s not locked then alarms will ring.


This vehicle has received 77PS engine well for such a Multi Purpose Vehicle 90 PS must be given. 77PS provides 145 kilometer per hour, but point is that after 120 kilometer per hour engine starts to oppose also its pickup is not as strong as its viscounts.

While driving many times drop is the power is noted. This reaction of car is not good for drivers especially while overtaking. The breaks well they give you the feeling that their design is to adjust better with low speed. This means that if one will apply breaks at high speeds, then he will meet difficulties also strange noises, will be heard and car will be destabilized.

Enjoy in competition with Ertiga

It can be said that Ertiga is a better option and comes with more power. The resale value of Ertiga is better and difference of prices between both cars is very little. But Enjoy offers more space keep this point in mind.

Enjoy in competition with Xylo

Features offered by Xylo are better and improved, but it is costly and the fuel economy is also not good. For shorter trips Enjoy can be regarded as the best option. 

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