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Spacious Fuel Proficient Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado is heavy sized automobile which is awe-inspiring, strongest and extensive car model. The powerful Chevrolet Silverado has world class engine with active fuel technology, direct fuel injection, dependability and reliability while driving. The engine has competence to produce torque of 305 lb-ft. It has specific technology for fuel saving with a significant fuel management. The fuel management and transformation from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinder mode are highly amazing. It is capable to shut down 4 cylinders when light driving mode is used. The latest model of Silverado has 4 wheel drives. It can drive normally on rough road. It shines like a star on the highway. It can drive with 20 mpg even in extreme traffic conditions.

It has cruising speed and the engine diverts from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders while driving slowly in heavy traffic. The power folding mirrors, backup camera and the use of parking sensor have made this automobile incredible and stress free for drivers. The rear bumper has made it easy to load or unload different mountain bikes easily. Eight inch touch screen is additional feature of latest model. Navigation system, LED lights, brake controller and 22 inch wheels are some of the splendid features.

The Chevrolet Silverado is totally changed in design from its hood to hitch. In 2014 model, the body is not only strongest but also smartest in nature. The basic focus of this automobile is aerodynamic feature and installation of under body panels to get jerk free airflow. The side mirrors provides an aerodynamic power doom design to lift the speedy air over the viper arms of windshield to make the automobile more aerodynamic. There are 3 different box lengths in this new model. The use of automatic transmission 6-speed and disc brakes 4-wheels standard Dura life rotors brake system are some of the fast fact of this truck.

Interior Traits:

The seats are stain resistant and comfortable for long drive. Firmness of foam keeps the shape of seats proper. The driver seat is able to configure according to the preferences of drivers. Seats have complete cooling and heating system to provide comfortable drive. Rear door storage, overhead console, glove boxes and two compartments for console are supreme features. There is no other noise free pickup on the road as Chevrolet Silverado. The steel body structure with isolated cabs which have spacious passenger room. The interior features are comfortable and equipped with latest technologies. Comfort is the priority concern of these vehicles.

Safety Features:

There is an alert system which is activated through vibration. It is related to direction and provides assistance in minimizing the collision. In spite of vibration, the driver can select audible alert signals. Use of air bags, control stability system, anti-lock brakes and Crash Notification service enhance the security features. The Chevrolet Silverado is smart featured customized secure automobile. It helps in organizing cargo in the back area of the truck. It is brawny, comfy, stylish, fuel efficient and ideal for city drive and rough road trips.

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