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Specifications of the Powerful Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe has proven a powerful vehicle. This gigantic model offers seating plan for more than 9 people and easily tow 8,500 pounds. There are a few models that can give these 2 features collectively. The recent model Chevrolet Tahoe has gained recommendation from its customary SUV and prowess all terrain. The Tahoe provides considerable cargo space, comfortable ride and large sized cabin to put rich content for enjoyment.

Specialty of 2014 model

It is true that the Tahoe is designed on the base of Silverado full size pickup; this feature is new for 2014 model. The capacity for 9 passengers, sturdy engine, brawny truck light competence, admirable interior and plush lights are some of the features which have grabbed the attention of Chevrolet lovers. Contrary to this, the limited capacity in the 3rd row, maneuverable less than other crossover and heavy size for city driving are the off-putting features.

Fuel Capacity:

The fuel capacity of chevrolet Tahoe is 5.3 liters, produces 320 horse power and torque 335 lb-ft. The engine is provided with 6 speed drivetrain automatic transmission. The capacity for towing is almost 8500 pounds, the fuel economy is one gallon for 15 miles in city whereas 21mpg, if you are driving on highway.

Features and Options of Chevrolet Tahoe:

The 2014 model of Chevrolet Tahoe has 3 basic trim levels, which are as follows.

  • Base level LS

  • Mid level LT

  • Upscale LTZ

These 3 levels have standard 8 seats. The LS level has tri zone control climate, alloy wheel 17-inch, satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB port for songs and front seat dual power. The recent model is comfortable and has a camera for rear view, power adjustable paddles, remote starter as well as park help.

The Mid level LT has a lot of improved features. The use of automatic climate control tri zone, Bose improved sound system and a different locking system. In order to drive on rough road, fog lamps are introduced. Sunroof, front heater, DVD player, Z 71 package for off road and power lift gates are some of the additional options.

The trim level LTZ model luxurious Tahoe automobile has alloy wheel 20 inch, ventilated front seat, air suspension, navigation system, heating system and steering wheel heated option. The LTZ provides the DVD player and sunroof facility. Moreover, monitoring system for blind spot and retractable board running are also included in its elements.

Safety Measures:

The engine of Chevrolet Tahoe delivers smooth power and refined drive. It is capable and rear suspension gives a plusher drive for family. The model LTZ gives smooth road drive and has sound controlling features. It gives the shield against engine noise, road resistance and wind noise. Tahoe has truck like handling capability. The corners of this massive vehicle display body roll. In order to provide protection, 6 air bags are included. Blind spot system for monitoring gives safety. The Chevrolet Tahoe is equipped with stability control and ABS with hill start and trailer sway control. 

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