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Starting a Career in Car Sales

If you have excellent interpersonal skills and if you know a lot about cars and what makes them better from others, and then you should try developing a career in car sales. Although, the industry can be hard to break into however, getting prepared and investing effort can make you a great car dealer.

Steps to start a career in car sales

  • Get some sales experience and learn basic skills. This will be extremely beneficial and will help you in interviews and other potential positions.

  • Prepare a list of car dealerships near by in your area inclusive of contact information. Analyze the pros and cons of every dealer.

    • Find in the area you live in whether rural or urban. Obviously you will not be working in a BMW dealership in rural areas. Your aim is to start a career and make money.

    • Determine your passion for the brand. Which car is the most you know about? However, if you simply want to make money pay plan is the best option or you can enter into truck dealership in a farming community or any Japanese dealership like Honda or Toyota in an urban region of Europe. Environment is crucial.

  • Customize emails and send them in a blast to the branch managers of all dealerships selected. Ensure that the following points are considered.

    • You want a break in the car sales industry.

    • Although you are not experienced in the car sales industry but you have sales experience and can take any information provided.

    • You are available all the time.

    • You would want to chat with them.

  • Remain patient but, persistent. There are very much chances that you will not get responses as the managers are very busy and they receive many such applications. In order to make your application standout, make a call. Always remember that a key characteristic of car salesperson is determination. You can portray this quality by making a phone call. However, if you cannot get though this leave a message stating that you called for work.

  • Get a vibe for the management of the dealership. The management of the dealership is very important. Visit the office in the morning and chat with an idle salesman. Inquire about the pay plan and get advice. Probably they will know more about the dealerships in the area. Repeat the process in the evening and as long as you feel comfortable with it.

  • Make an impression in your interviews. You probably will receive an interview call. Follow the below mentioned tips to succeed.

    • Be presentable.

    • Ask questions. Remember that an interview is a two way process. Show them your ability.

    • Tackle with objections nicely. A car salesperson faces many objections everyday so you should be able to handle them effectively.

    • Start as well as finish the interview with a hand shake

  • Remain focused and sell yourself to the position. Ask about your chances of getting the job. If positive, good. If not, ask why. Try to demonstrate objection handling skills.

  • Follow up. If you did not receive a call from your previous interview, repeat the process as it demonstrates your will to work. Perhaps the manager has doubts which can be cleared.


  • Remain updated with the industry trends. Although there are many secrets in the field and which will be revealed with experience.


  • If you are not prepared for all this then do not enter this field as the managers can be very upfront.

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