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The Chevrolet Spark 2014 Small in Shape But Bigger In Options

In case you have developed the concept that 2014 Chevrolet Spark is small, then it’s high time to alter your thoughts as this is a car, which provides an awesome package. Let’s move ahead with the interior and exterior options for colors. Chevrolet has provided decent choices for colors which are being listed below

  • Black Granite

  • Summit White

  • Silver Ice

  • Jalapeno

  • Denim

  • Grape Ice

  • Salsa (red)

  • Lemonade (yellow)

All these attractive and magnificent options for colors, which are being provided are amazing and will give the car a great look once it will hit the road. Small 2014 Chevrolet Spark comes with bigger options as purchaser will enter into the Houston Car dealer six levels of trim will be presented in front of him, which are named as follow

  • LS Manual

  • LS Automatic

  • 1LT Manual

  • 1LT Automatic

  • 2LT Manual

  • 2LT Automatic

The primary question is that what’s the preference of purchaser either they want to have privilege of an automated car or enjoy the fun of manual handling. Also, the car not only provides a great driving experience, but also comes with spectacular Environmental Protection Agency rating.

Spark 2LT Manual Front Wheel Drive provides a handsome package for inside, outside and safety related qualities which are standardized. On the exterior standardized day running lamp, power doors lock, remote facilitated entry without key, along with side mirrors are present. The car has been designed to provide maximum security to the drivers and you can find the following

  • Airbags for passengers

  • Side impacts for thorax

  • Head curtains for side impacts

  • ABS

  • Adhesive friction control system

  • Pressure monitors

  • electronic stability controlling

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