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The importance of Diesel in case of Chevrolet Spark

Some years back diesel vehicles were not taken as ideal choices. The concept was that such cars need higher levels of maintenance and come with good number of expenditures. However present diesels are very different as they are not much expensive and don’t ask for any kind of maintenance. Some years back Swift Diesel was introduced by Maruti and the perception regarding it was that 6 lakhs will be wasted on its purchase, but the concept changed sooner and now there is improved demand for diesel cars. Presently all manufacturers are making efforts for taking benefits from the demand of diesel. Sometime back SX4 diesel was introduced. Honda is getting dull because of the fact that its major models don’t have diesel versions.

Majority of the fans of automobiles might have seen the Hollywood movie Transformers. Interesting point is that it has an Indian association in the shape of the charming and stylish Chevrolet SparkWithout any doubt for the consumers of Indian marketplace Chevrolet Spark is a vehicle that looks handsome and stylish. The launching of this amazing car was carried out in year 2010 in the month of January. Spark took no time in getting popular and thousands turned towards it in no time and three months after its release estimated that 11755 cars were sold. But after sometime a reduction in sales was noted and within next three months only 9293 cars were sold. Well this is also something which is indeed surprising to majority because many aspects related with this car were in its favor like apparently it looks stylish, the inside is sporty and the level of tools is also great above all engine is brilliant. The rates associated with this vehicle are also decent as they start with 3.5 lakh rupees. It will not be wrong to mention that for those who are energetic spark comes with great pricing packages.

We have discussed this above that sales data is presenting something different. The worst sale month for this vehicle has been July of the year 2010 as only 1722 cars were sold, but March of the same year was pretty decent because 48007 cars were sold. These numbers are not convincing when compared with opponents of Chevrolet, but manufacture has figured out a solution and is working on it. Spark, which uses diesel for getting power is in its completion stages and will be in market soon. This is definitely going to improve sales. You can consider the example of Nissan Micra after the introduction of diesel models sales have witnessed a good increase. Keeping in consideration these aspects one can say that once the diesel version will be introduced Spark will witnesses a great increase in level of sales. So it can be expected that Spark will become a better seller than Volkswagen Polo as well as Maruti Ritz. But only time will tell that what can happen. 

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