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Tips for Getting the Best Deals on a New Car

Besides buying a home, buying a new car is the second most expensive investment that most people make in their lives. If you are planning to buy a new car then following the below mentioned tips given by Jerry Robbins, an advocate, who will also negotiate with a dealer for a fee and you can save a considerable amount of money.

Zero in what you need

Know which car you want on the basis of its capability, fuel economy, price range, and space and passenger capacity. Additionally, the looks, reliability, amenities and performance should also be considered. Prepare a shirt list of vehicle of your choice after researching on the internet, test drive or rent them after which narrow down your list to the most appealing cars.

Zero in further

After selecting the vehicle, look for options and features which you want to be in your car. Visit the website of the brand and go to the ‘build and price’ section. Add in your required features and get the quote. Also visit third-party websites like MSN Autos to check the price. Stick on what you want.

Obtain price quotes

After deciding upon the vehicle and model, email local dealers for obtaining quotes. Also add in a timeline within your buying process to show that you are a genuine buyer. ‘Get a quote’ links of different websites like MSN Autos is a great tool for obtaining quotes. is a good pricing website.

Take the best price to your selected dealer

Provide documented evidence with your dealer for the best price offered. Probably, they will adjust accordingly. Moreover, if the dealer is in your local area, he will be more willing to business with you as there will not arise any high service issues. Make timing your advantage. Go to the dealer at the end of the month when the staff is attempting to meet sales goal.

Avoid being emotional

Leave your emotions at home. Perhaps your older car might be better than the new one. Probably you would want to show-off in front of your friends. The entire process is an emotional drainer and stay away from this situation.

Research incentives

Many auto websites are also offering incentives such as cash back policies or a special rate of financing or both in addition to obtaining invoice price. College grads, military personnel, first-time buyers or owners of competitive brand might be provided with additional incentives. Your aim is to save money.

Focus on the invoice

Invoice price is the price which the dealer pays to the factory. However, other considerations such as factory spiffs and holdbacks will lower the invoice price. Try to buy the car at its invoice price.

Avoid shopping on monthly payments

Many people shop on monthly payments rather than on the final price. Moreover, the high installments will be covered by longer term of financing. This will eventually increase the price of the car.

Buy or lease?

Dealers usually talk about buying cars on lease as it will reduce monthly payments. Although this is true, however, you will be subject to extra charges and with no equity. If you have an accountant talk to him about the leasing of a car and if you do not have one, forget leasing your car.

Stay ready to walk out

If, during negotiation does not align with your requirements, you can easily walk away and leave the deal.

Pay only these charges

After the price has been settled, you will have to pay the price of the car, the destination charges, documentation fees, title, tax expenses as well as license plate charges. Do not pay for advertising or any other similar costs.

Prepare the trade-in

Before going to the dealer, search for the trade-in value of your car on MSN Autos or and Craigslist are also good websites. Ensure that the car is detailed as $100 in detailing can mean $200 in value.

Keep trade-in separate

Be vigilant in the buying process and keep the trade-in separate. First negotiate the sales price and then the trade-in value along with adding in the sales tax price.

Consider financing

Prior to visiting the dealer, obtain a quote for car financing from your bank. Search on the web as well and compare them all. Select the best offer. Also talk about the finance rate and get it adjusted.

The process is not over yet

Ask for upselling of several items. In case you want extended warranty go for factory warranty rather than from the third-party.

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